Greens 'questions on notice'

On April 15 2010 Greens MLC Sue Pennicuik gave notice of questions she is asking the Government.

They appear on the Legislative Council notice paper no 166 available on the Parliament of Victoria website. Here they are…

To ask the Minister for Planning (for the Minister for Consumer Affairs):
  1. Given the fact that there is no evidence of a link between live music and alcohol related violence, what steps is the Minister taking to remove live music as a proxy for the imposition of high risk conditions in liquor licences.
  2. Will the Minister direct the incoming Director of Liquor Licensing to rethink Liquor Licensing Victoria's (LLV) implementation of the Government's policy directive to address alcohol-related violence by focusing on violence, its causes and remedies, rather than music.
  3. Given that there are no changes in relation to live music venues’ hours of trading, number of patrons, additions to the area in which alcohol can be consumed or a change in the category of liquor licence, what is the Minister’s reason for requiring licensees of these venues to obtain planning permits or permission from local council.
  4. In restructuring the liquor licensing regime in Victoria will the Minister amend the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 to require that licensing decisions take into account the needs of live music as occurs in the New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland legislation.
  5. Has the Minister instituted a help desk for licensees as promised in the Accord.
  6. Will the Minister conduct a proper investigation and undertake the necessary research to examine the real causes of alcohol related violence and drunkenness; if not, why not.
To ask the Treasurer (for the Minister for Arts):
  • Has the Minister formulated any plans to create a cultural policy for Victoria that promotes and maintains Melbourne's diverse live music culture.

I'll let you know when the answers come in.