Madwoman At Large

The main change I've made in the past few days is to update my pages on Sue MacLellan in the light of Tom Hawking's excellent article in Inpress this week, Feb 3, page 19: LEAVE OUR PUBS ALONE.

See Sue MacLellan.

This woman has had ample opportunity to become familiar with how her decisions have impacted Victoria's music culture. She has been having visits from those affected for months.

Saying a quiet Saturday afternoon music performance with an audience of 10 people requires expensive security guards is either monumentally stupid or there is a hidden agenda—whether it's to bolster the gaming industry or simply to bolster her ego I don't know. Perhaps she believes she is being a "strong woman" by refusing to take in any information.

Whatever the case, as Tom Hawking points out in his article, the point is that one person should not have such extensive powers, and should not be unaccountable. Even Brumby can't sack her!

I expect you know by now about the S.L.A.M. rally on Feb 23. A band will re-enact AC/DC's video of riding down Swanston St on a truck singing Long Way To The Top. Here's the rally's website: S.L.A.M (Save Live Australian Music)

At the moment it is the RocKwiz band playing—would be good if AC/DC make it, won’t it?

See you there!

Cheers - Robin