Live Music Accord

On Monday Feb 22, 2010, a “Live Music Accord” was signed between music representatives and Government, see 'Accord' signed in live music debate, The Age, 23/2

Download the pdf from the S.L.A.M. website here: Live Music Accord 2010 and see what you think of it.

I never thought I'd be promoting statements made by a leader of the State Liberals, but this is what Ted Bailleu had to say about the Live Music Accord (and I agree with him):

Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu said the accord was little more than a recommendation, and that nothing had actually changed for live music venues. ''It's up to John Brumby to put in place regulations so that risk, when it is assessed, is actually acted upon. When you've got folk music requiring two security guards it's clearly a nonsense,'' Mr Baillieu said.

The above comes from this article in The Age: Live music accord a partial victory, 24/2. I'd strongly suggest you read it for insight into the Accord.

Also see this scathing report on the Live Music Accord, from Dave Dreimann in The Age, 26/2: Here's jeers to Brumby's latest liquor moves. In the comments section: "It seems that the Government has pulled a swiftie."

Unfortunately, many media reports have said that there has been a win for music—this is not really the case.

Politicians can talk about supporting the "vibrant music scene" till they are blue in the face, but until Liquor Licensing DROPS the blanket “high risk” licence conditions, it is only talk.

The fact is that many safe, non-violent venues can't have music at the moment, while others are continuing even though the cost of security measures is sending them broke.

Brumby and his team were game playing when they signed this accord the day before the SLAM rally—they got to say they supported music while not much changed.

Recorded music
The Live Music Accord is about "live music", and S.L.A.M. is about saving "live Australia’s music”—but what about amplified recorded music?
  • A venue has to pay for security guards if they host a "spin your vinyl" night with Dark Side Of The Moon or Roy Orbison playing?
  • Juke boxes out too?
  • Trance/dub/alternative producer/DJs relegated to the forest? (Not that that's anything new)
It just ain’t right.